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A collection of property maintenance services for any size of residetial property. Our services include garbage removal, spring/fall clean up, lawn care and minor fixes and repairs around your home.


Keeping your property clean, neat and tidy can sometimes be an overwhelming task - especially for the elderly and busy professionals. Our team of experts provide services that range from mowing to pruning, irrigation systems to fertility programs, we can do it all for you. Our services can include as many or as few services as you might need for your property maintenance.

  • Our services begin with a full spring clean up in which we will remove all the leaf litter, edge and prepare all gardens, and trimming of shrubs and hedges. 
  • Weekly maintenance will include lawn mowing, edge trimming and a general clean up of the property to ensure no garbage or grass clippings are left in the gardens, or on parking lots or walkways. 
  • During the fall, we will clear the property of fallen leaves prior to cutting. Leaves will be piled up discretely on the property where possible, or removed from the site on a weekly basis until the end of the season when we will conduct a final fall clean up.

Our Irrigation crews have extensive experience with systems both large and small, as well as maintenance service and installation. We can provide spring openings, fall closings, mid season monitoring, head an lateral line repairs as part of our overall summer maintenance and annual contracts. As you can see, we can help you as a Business Owner or General Manager consolidate the numerous contractors you must organize and hire for you property all into one, thus saving you time and hassle. Furthermore, with all 3 major branches of lawn care under one roof, our internal connection and communication facilitates communication and allows us to provide you with a coordinated service.

Other services that can also be added to the above maintenance package include:

  1. Gardening
  2. Shrub and hedge trimming
  3. Fertilizing and weed control
  4. Irrigation/Sprinkler system maintenance and repair
  5. Core aeration, top dressing and over-seeding
  6. Loose garbage pick-up and emptying of outdoor garbage cans
  7. Parking lot clean ups

For your convenience, we offer 6 days a week scheduling and we are fully insured. 

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